Turning Potential into Progress

The implementation of new equipment, new service lines, and new processes is an exciting time for any business, large or small. But training an entire team on a new system often results in lost time, decreased profit margins, and headaches for management. Through Career Link's Incumbent Worker Training program, employers can develop their workforce while increasing company competitiveness, improving productivity, creating new revenue streams, and improving the retention of valued employees.

Workforce training programs are a great way to keep your employees' skills up-to-date and your company moving forward. Many companies across Central Illinois have taken advantage of this incredible training and development opportunity. To be eligible for an IWT training grant, you must have the need to train existing workers to prevent potential layoffs or increase workers' proficiency. If you qualify, you can receive an Incumbent Worker Training grant through WIOA and be reimbursed for up to 100% of employee training costs.

There are countless benefits to incumbent training. These can include less company downtime, less of a decrease in profit margins, less stress on leadership, total reimbursement for eligible companies, increased employee satisfaction, and retention, and much more. A signed contract must be in place before the employee can begin Incumbent Worker Training. With Career Link's incumbent training program, you can gain a talented and qualified workforce that can help improve your company's overall performance. Not only that, but everyone involved can do so with little to no cost. It's truly a win-win situation. If you're an employer interested in implementing an Incumbent Worker Training program, we encourage you to contact us today!

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