Job-Driven Training

Career Link offers employers pf WIOA-eligible employees the opportunity to receive valuable apprenticeship assistance. Apprenticeship is a useful worker training model that pairs On-the-Job Training with targeted classroom instruction. Workers alternate between classroom and hands-on training to advance their skills, while employers can benefit from an increasingly talented workforce.

Apprenticeship is a federally-funded service that supports participating trainees throughout the training period, helps pay for training expenses, and repays the employers a percentage of the apprentice's on-the-job income. New hires or current employees needing additional training can join the apprenticeship program. This training model is a flexible training strategy that can be tailored to meet the needs of businesses, both big and small, and from a variety of industries. This type of training can be used for manufacturing, construction, healthcare, transportation, information technology, and many more.

There are many advantages for employers who use apprenticeship training programs, as well as employees who get involved. Companies can gain certified, knowledgeable workers who are more likely to stick around. They can benefit from custom employee training with a systematic approach designed to meet business needs. Practical hands-on training allows employees to improve specific skills to meet company requirements and succeed in their position. An apprenticeship gives employers the opportunity to save their company a massive amount of time and money, laying the foundation for long-term careers and satisfied employees.

It's true - the more you know, the more you grow. Are you ready to start developing a more proficient, enthusiastic, and diverse staff? Are you looking for a way to reduce company turnover costs, boost overall productivity, and increase your savings with recruitment? The Career Link team is ready to offer you the assistance you need to reach the next level of success.

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